Feria de Salud 2012

Feria de Salud is the American Diabetes Association's annual health fair. It is part of their year round Latino diabetes awareness, outreach, and education program, Por Tu Familia. It allows the ADA and it's many community partners to bring head-to-toe health care services , information, and other resources to local communities.  This was the 24th year of Feria. Every year it has been staged at Historic Placita Olvera on the first or second Sunday in November.

The purpose is to increase awareness about diabetes and other related chronic diseases, but most importantly to bring health care services to local communities, as many are in need because of lack of work, health insurance, language barriers, or have little or no health care access. It is a completely free event open to the public.

Eye care professionals are a key part of Feria, especially for those at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases.  Multiple other services are also provided, such as dental and podiatry, and various tests are performed, including blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.  In addition, there is a wide variety of entertainment: live music, dancing, drawings, and prizes.

This year, 35 vision volunteers screened a total of 312 patients, over 50 more than last year!  93 passed with acceptable vision and ocular health.  219 were referred for complete eye exams, with 75 of those being given vouchers generously donated by Vision Service Plan and the rest being referred to low-cost clinics around the Los Angeles area.

Vision volunteers:

Optometrists: Gary Asano, Gene Chang, Amrita Dhillon, Corey Hodes, Candy Kimura, Dan Kimura, Mae-Lae Louie, Kris Lum, Kathryn Nelson, Jonovan Ottenbacher, Joyce Wei.

Southern California College of Optometry: Dinika Bagga, Daniel Brinchman, Taylor Chin, Fabian Corona, Nicole Kohan, Sandra Lee, Rachelle Lin, Elizabeth Noh, Jessica Park, Ifrah Sheesfarooqui, Thuy Tran.

Western University College of Optometry: Richard Eusebio, Keith Shimizu, Elizabeth Suh.

UCLA Bruins in Focus: Steven Chang, Laura Garcia, Lucinda Huang, Tiffany Lieu, Mariel Messilaty, Daisy Sanchez, Tiffany Truong, Julius Weng, Priscilla Yap.

Other: Victoria Chan, approximately 10 volunteers provided by the health fair who assisted with patient check-in and translation.

Photos can be found in the Photo Gallery.