Message from the President

Hello fellow optometrists: First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Kathryn Nelson for
her service and dedication to our society. Along with starting a family, she
maintained her responsibilities as union representative at Kaiser and still devoted her time as President of Los Angeles County Optometric Society. She continues to commit herself to the society by taking over the treasurer position in LACOS this term. Thank you to all the board members for their hardwork and dedication to the Los Angeles County Optometric Society. They are all dedicated to our profession of optometry in the Los Angeles area for many years.

I still remember when I first attended a LACOS board meeting, I had just graduated from New England College of Optometry, and I was coming home. I did not know anyone and yet everyone welcomed me, everyone was so passionate and this continues to inspire me today. From those humbling introductions, I became treasurer and with every year, I, myself grew more passionate. Beyond school, beyond my class, I was now a part of this huge fraternity of amazing people that would not only be colleagues but friends.

I finally finished my glaucoma certification, taking advantage of SB1406. It wasn't just weekends of hard work away from family or the office, it was a chance to better our profession. Optometry is an ever changing field and I plan not to be left behind even with the sacrifice and pain. This pain is a good pain, like a good workout after a long day. I look forward to the hard work and challenges of this new term. Despite all the changes in patient
fees, political battles and ever increasing school loans, I am still very proud to say that I have chosen optometry to be my career. I feel honored to step into some very big shoes as President of Los Angeles Country Optometric Society. I welcome your suggestions, comments and recommendations and look forward to meeting all of you.

Mae-Lae Louie, O.D.
LACOS President