Message From The President 2011

Greetings colleagues! Welcome. This year LACOS has a new
and much improved website, as you can see! Increasing our
presence on the internet is absolutely essential in this day in
age.  My hope is that our webpage will be a source for Optometrists,
to bring us together while also being an informative resource for eye
patients. I invite you to take a look and let us know if there is
anything else you would
like on this site.

I am happy and honored to have begun my role as president, and I’m certainly
excited about the year ahead. I think there are many things we can work together to
accomplish for our great profession. We are starting the glaucoma certification process,
and I hope that many of you are considering what is the best way for you to become
certified so that you can begin offering special eye care to these patients.

I am from out of state, grew up in Minnesota, trained at Indiana University (hello
to any Hoosiers out there!), and went on to complete a residency at Bascom Palmer
and then practice in Florida for a few years before I moved to California. I have to say
I was quite surprised by the license restrictions and overall environment of optometry
here. I found it extremely frustrating to not be able to practice to the level in which
I was trained.

Now that I have adapted to life and work in California, I am hoping that some day soon
we can all learn to respect each other and work together, continuing to push our
profession of optometry forward, not for our own personal gain or egos, but to be
able to best take care of our patients. I am infinitely grateful to the leaders in this state
that have dedicated their lives to improving optometry so that we are at least at the
point we are today. Now we are definitely going to have to follow in their footsteps,
continue to put in a lot of hard work, and I think that involvement in COA and LACOS
is the essential first step that shows your level of commitment to our profession.

I thank you for the opportunity to be the president of this amazing organization for
optometrists, and I look forward to meeting and working with all of you soon!

Kathryn Nelson,
President, LACOS